JOHNSTRUCT LTd. - About us

We supply, install and refurbish steel framed buildings

(agricultural, industrial & commercial) 


JOHNSTRUCT was formed many years ago by Roy Johnson. JOHNSTRUCT originally provided agricultural, structural and mechanical services, predominantly to the farming community.  Roy's expertise was mainly in grain handling and  agricultural machinery, Roy could turn his hand to most things.  JOHNSTRUCT had a small workshop and excellent team of in-house fabricators and agricultural engineers - which between them, were called to make & mend all manner of weird and wonderful contraptions..

In the late 1980's Richard Allen joined JOHNSTRUCT bringing a wealth of Steel Framed building experience to the fold. The company moved from Fyfield, Ongar to Nether Hall in Moreton in 1997 removing the workshop element.  In 2009 Roy sadly passed away leaving Richard to take JOHNSTRUCT on to a new chapter.  JOHNSTRUCT predominately focused on all variations of steel framed buildings venturing in to historic barn refurbishment and general building services provision.

A recent key milestone in JOHNSTRUCT history was in January 2019 when Richard sadly & suddenly passed away. As with Roy, Richard at 71 years old had a wealth of experience and knowledge - Between Roy and Richard, JOHNSTRUCT has established a core network of trusted suppliers and contractors and of course an excellent reputation with providing a no-nonsense "one stop shop" service.

After a period of uncertainty Richards son, Mark, has taken over the reigns of running JOHNSTRUCT.  This third chapter in the JOHNSTRUCT history book is currently on the first few pages however, a strong forward order book and a loyal customer and supplier base is supporting Mark to evolve and develop the business.   

Mark is extremely keen not to change the values and services offered by JOHNSTRUCT.   Mark brings a wealth of Engineering experience from large scale infrastructure and the asset management side of engineering.  A qualified Civil Engineer, Mark has predominantly worked in Civil and Mechanical Engineering. Mark left school at 16 and started drafting (parallel motion drawing board) before he then went on to use CAD and study Civil Engineering and Engineering Management at Degree level.  Mark Joined the Railtrack Graduate training scheme in 1997 and has undertaken many engineering roles, more recently at a senior level in the Technical Authority for Network Rail.  Mark has held senior engineering positions and worked for a number of infrastructure and manufacturing companies. He has worked in the US, Canada and Europe.

Mark prides himself as being a practical engineer, he is equally happy installing a bathroom or building a log cabin as he is designing and setting out the levels on a complex permanent way rail re-alignment scheme or a large twin span grain store.  His knowledge in concrete and structural steel design and Project Management experience now playing a significant factor in the future of JOHNSTRUCT Ltd.  By his own omission, Mark says that he is not able to recreate the experience and knowledge that his father had attained over the years, however with the support of JOHNSTRUCT's core team of suppliers and loyal customers he is running a business that continues to provide a high quality, cost effective and hassle free service to all its customers.

Why choose JOHNSTRUCT  Ltd.?

  INDEPENDENT planning applications + Competitive building quotes - with flexible specification options

  Over 70 years supplier experience in CORE building supply - Affordable but with outstanding quality buildings - Compliant to BS and CE Standards & Specifications

  Experts in Project Management - we do the hard work for you

  Dedicated & qualified project manager for your job

  Excellent safety record

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Grain drier tunnel

Typical Grain Drier tunnel

Courtesy of Harvest Installations.

Take your idea and make it a reality with JOHNSTRUCT

From an initial enquiry through planning, right through to site preparation and build -  JOHNSTRUCT can offer the whole package. If you would prefer to undertake some elements or have a contractor preference - we are equally happy to oversee the work to ensure continuity at any handover or overlap points.

We like to work collaboratively and transparently with our customer.  Whilst we're able to make suggestions and an unbiased view at the design stages we're more than happy to make the difficult every day decisions often required when making your building a reality.


We listen, we're open minded and most importantly we are small and flexible enough to accommodate any bespoke needs / design requirements. Every customer is unique to us.

All of our work is undertaken in a manner that we would expect of our own building.  Customer engagement levels vary from customer to customer but we're happy to be left alone or equally have a regular "coffee" discussion or meeting to talk over the job.

EXTRA's - The site preparation and the building tend to take up 1/3 each of the overall work involved.  The last 1/3 can be the most challenging.  JOHNSTRUCT have provided everything from mezzanines, rain water harvesting, specialist climate control systems, toilet facilities and office accommodation.

Our UNIQUE SELLING POINT is that we're independent and very flexible / accommodating.  With one phone call, we take action and do all the legwork on your behalf - We're a very principled and ethical company, we work taking these values with us in everything that we do.

Cement mixing

General Data Protection Requirements / Rules (GDPR) Policy.

Under GDPR - We retain customer information.  This includes (but is not limited to): Contact information and all relevant technical information related to all aspects, from initial enquiry, planning through to detailed design drawings etc.   We retain your information including billing information to maintain our records & to be compliant with relevant legislation (for up to 40 years).

Please contact / advise us if you have any query and or preference regarding the way we hold your information or our GDPR policy.