Steel framed buildings

No matter what the project, we can do the job from start to finish.

Our Services

JOHNSTRUCT Ltd. can offer a start to finish turnkey service or individual elements thereof. In addition to supplying and erecting Steel Frame buildings, we also offer a "one stop shop" service from planning, design and build right through to final finishing of your project e.g. floor / aprons, Roller Shutters, Personnel doors, electrical works..

JOHNSTRUCT has a reputation for obtaining planning permission for our customers.  We have established contacts in many of the planning authorities that we work with.  We also have access to specialist support within some of the local authorities to address common planning recommendations / stipulations. We submit 100+ applications every year. Johnstruct Ltd. can produce Design & Access Statements, Flood alleviation assessments and surface water / drainage mitigation design and reports as required.

OPTIONEERING - Layout, positioning and design considerations - At our initial meeting we understand that many of our customers have a good idea of what they are wanting.   We take this information and offer the benefit of our experience - sometimes a fresh point of view highlights the major / more obvious things that can easily be overlooked.  We also apply the practical and common sense logistics of how things get to and from site and aim to mitigate any of the more obvious risks from the outset.

Site Safety and Construction, Design & Management (CDM) Regulations - This is obviously our top priority.  We have an unblemished record over the decades and we'd like to keep it that way.  We use generic risk assessments and method statements for the bulk of our work - Where needed we undertake bespoke assessments to ensure that any perceived risk is mitigated as much as practically possible prior to any work taking place.

Site Preparation - We can undertake ALL your site preparation needs.   We can equally clear and prepare a 10,000m2 green field site as well as demolish existing buildings in a limited space / working environment (including Asbestos removal & disposal).  Ducting, re-routing of services and the installation of core drainage is second nature to JOHNSTRUCT.  We can put in temporary access / roads and services and make these permanent as required.

Concrete Flooring, Aprons and Yard concrete (Inc: Car Parks) - We have teams with extensive experience that we use to undertake this important aspect of the finishing.   Once the building is erected we start to finish off all the ducting, service provision and drainage - we provide a detailed bill of quantities (as built) for absolute clarity.  Due to the longevity of our buildings we do not cut any corners when it comes to flooring.  Our grain store floors and many commercial buildings have a power floated floor finish (where required) which is top notch.  We have an excellent reputation for tackling existing buildings, lowering floor levels and making good "others" poorly installed or old floors.  We keep up to date with the latest standards and best practice to ensure that all our concrete is the best as it can be at the time of installation.

Doors and Security - JOHNSTRUCT has a number of core suppliers, we purchase and repair 100s of doors every year.   Due to this JOHNSTRUCT have an excellent reputation with supply and installing high quality  ROLLER SHUTTER and PERSONNEL doors.  We also supply many other types of doors for Steel Framed Buildings.

ELECTRICAL & Trades - We use a hand picked selection of trades to support our projects.  JOHNSTRUCT have tried and tested any contractor prior to them being used on your project.   This "vetting" offers us and you some reassurance that they are competent, diligent and reliable.

Grain Drying Systems / Floors - It goes without saying, we have an amazing reputation for supporting our customers new builds or refurbishments in this respect.  We only use the best suppliers, most are already well-known within the wider farming community - We work collaboratively with our trusted suppliers.

Added Value / nice to have additional touches - We have recently been using time lapse photography to capture some of our builds as your site / building area goes through a metamorphosis. 

Drone & Time Lapse video - We can also provide drone footage of your building / farm; This can be used to survey storm damage or get in progress photographs and video of your build at NO extra cost.

High-quality materials

High-quality finish

JOHNSTRUCT prides its service and material quality  amongst the best in the industry.

A service you can rely on

A service you can rely on

We're a dedicated, reliable and accommodating team we do what we say & we say what we do....

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Reliable Suppliers & Contractors

All those that JOHNSTRUCT rely on are vetted, tested and we have worked with for some time prior to working on your project.