Recent testimonials

September 2019 - GENERAL PURPOSE BUILDING. Gaynes Park Farms / Carter Jonas.  JOHNSTRUCT have provided a start to finish service for us over the summer.  The concrete panelled building was ready prior to harvest as planned.  Despite poor drainage conditions & significant wet weather during construction all aspects of the work was completed to a high standard.  The ground work & site preparation team were top notch as was the concrete flooring and apron guys - Great communication and regular site meetings mitigated any potential problems and meant that the finished building is exactly how we wanted.

September 2019 - FIRE DAMAGED STRAW BARN. NFU / Paul Simpson - Roxwell.  We had a fire in December 2017 which was extinguished relatively quickly. The heat damage to the asbestos roof, adjacent building and electrics have all been fully repaired by JOHNSTRUCT.  Despite the original building being over 50 years old it now looks like new. This is mainly due to the attention to detail by the Johnstruct team - they spent days picking up the asbestos bits from neighbouring property. Johnstruct have undertaken our job quickly and efficiently, to time and budget.  Nothing phased the guys and any changes or extra's were agreed and completed with out any hassle.

August 2019 - Vehicle damage to cladding / Peregrine Live Foods - Magdelan Laver.  We had an articulated delivery lorry reverse into and damage a substantial bollard and a number of panels of our building.  Mark came and assessed the damage the next day and quoted to repair the damage.  The work was completed speedily and professionally.

August 2019 - Planning Permission for Padfield (Hayleys) - Simon Parrish, Farm Manager.  We're very pleased with the planning work that JOHNSTRUCT / Mark has recently completed for us. He is very professional, thorough and patient - especially as he is relatively new to Agricultural planning. Mark's fresh perspective and outlook has meant that he appropriately challenges or questions us the client as well as the planners - This has resulted in us successfully obtaining permission on a number of occasions thus far and he is endeavouring to manage / close out another application that has been challenged by the local authority.

August 2019 - General purpose & crop storage lean-to - Chelmsford, Essex.  Very happy with the finished job and versatility of the new lean-to.  The flooring and doors guys have done a really good job.  I like the no-nonsense and get on with it approach - Delivered on time and on budget with no concerns/issues whatsoever.

July 2019 - Roller Shutter door supplier - East Anglia.  Our initial meeting with Mark earlier in the year was difficult considering the circumstances.  Mark is a determined & demanding client but despite some initial teething problems he has proved himself to be very professional and one of our largest customers. We supply and install 50% of Johnstruct's Roller Shutter doors hence we always go the extra mile to maintain an exceptional quality product & service.