Recent testimonials

Muck Store - November 2020 - Margaretting, Chelmsford.   We ordered our open sided, concrete panelled "Muck" barn in August 2020. It was designed, built and finished within 14 weeks.  The guys were diligent tidying up the site and making sure that all the saftey equipment / nets were packed up neatly ready for re-use on the next job.  Very happy with the 12 week turnaround and the finished product.

Grain Store with timber drying floor, tunnel and fan house - September 2020. Harlow, Essex.  Due to COVID and related materials supply issues our build did not start until the summer. Despite the delay and not being able to use the barn this harvest JOHNSTRUCT tried their utmost to complete the project as quickly as possible. We're very happy with the job and any minor snagging issues were dealt with to our satisfaction.  We would definately use JOHNSTRUCT for our next build.

Twin span general purpose store - Hanningfield. August 2020.  Mark and the guys had to move a massive amount of spoil for this job, not helped by the spoil piled up from the previous 2 buildings needing moving again.  The guys cleared the site and filled a ditch for us with a new 600mm twin wall pipe. We were very impressed with Mark's drainage knowledge and design although the work did come in at a cost. Despite this we gained another 8m of width in the yard witht he ditch infill.  The buildings went up uber quick with the Steel erectors living on site in their little mobile caravan.  We had a few issues awaiting materials delivery (due to COVID) but other than these the project completed only a week late. We now have two fabulous large barns with a concrete floor that you could play snooker on..... We've yet to fnish off concreting the yard but will get Mark and REx back to undertake this once we have the pennies......

May 2020 - Radley Green, Essex - Grain store / future proof general purpose buildings.   Mark and the team undertook a grain store single bay extension and a 4 bay side extension for us earlier this year.  The ground works required a 1.5m cut in to a field during the wettest winter I can remember for some time.  The guys put in a french perimeter drain picking up all the original land drains to mitigate any surface water concerns.  I have to say that the steel erectors are made of stern stuff, despite torrid conditions, horizontal rain and the odd spec. change the guys chipped away at the project to get the main build completed with only a slight slip in the programme - nothing seemingly phased the guys.  

Despite the Covid-19 lockdown, Mark has been in regular contact and has constantly kept us up to speed as to what is going on and when.  The new buildings have made the adjacent existing concrete yard area look a little inadequate hence the guys have undertaken to break out the worst bits put in many years ago and replace to the latest specs.  I had no hesitation with instructing JOHNSTRUCT to do this work even though Mark insisted that he wanted to price up any extras in advance so that there were no surprises.  I have to say that Mark and the guys always seem to work as if it were their own project that they were building - this is quite rare to see these days, its nice to see people take pride in their work..  I'm very pleased with the work undertaken, especially during such challenging times. Testament to their work - I'm pleased that JOHNSTRUCT are now also doing a couple of buildings for one of my neighbours, need I say anymore...

January 2020 - Cammas Hall Fruit Farm, various building renovations / alterations.  JOHNSTRUCT have provided an excellent budget service for us over the past few months - The various team members all pulling their weight and sorting out the few complications that you tend to get with existing / older buildings. JOHNSTRUCT have done this without fuss and at a really reasonable price.  We're conscious that we may possibly have been able to procure the individual parts & services for our project slightly cheaper.  However, using the JOHNSTRUCT team has allowed us to manage every other aspect of the farm and the refurbishment without having to do the supplier & labour due diligence, deal with complications and put in the day to day legwork required to deliver the finished product. This no-doubt whatsoever has saved us time and money in the overall scheme of things.

September 2019 - GENERAL PURPOSE BUILDING. Gaynes Park Farms / Carter Jonas.  JOHNSTRUCT have provided a start to finish service for us over the summer despite Richards sad passing.  The concrete panelled building was ready prior to harvest as planned.  Despite poor drainage conditions & significant wet weather during construction all aspects of the work was completed to a high standard.  The ground work & site preparation team were top notch as was the concrete flooring and apron guys - Great communication and regular site meetings mitigated any potential problems and meant that the finished building is exactly how we wanted.

September 2019 - FIRE DAMAGED STRAW BARN. NFU / Paul Simpson - Roxwell.  We had a fire in December 2017 which was extinguished relatively quickly. The heat damage to the asbestos roof, adjacent building and electrics have all been fully repaired by JOHNSTRUCT.  Despite the original building being over 50 years old it now looks like new. This is mainly due to the attention to detail initially as planned by Richard, then the subsequent delivery from the wider Johnstruct team - they spent days picking up the asbestos bits from neighbouring property. Johnstruct have undertaken our job quickly and efficiently, to time and budget.  Nothing phased the guys and any changes or extra's were agreed and completed with out any hassle.

August 2019 - Vehicle damage to cladding / Peregrine Live Foods - Magdelan Laver.  We had an articulated delivery lorry reverse into and damage a substantial bollard and a number of panels of our building.  The guys came and assessed the damage the next day and quoted to repair the damage.  The work was completed speedily and professionally.

August 2019 - Planning Permission for Padfield (Hayleys) - Simon Parrish, Farm Manager.  We're very pleased with the planning work that JOHNSTRUCT has recently completed for us. The team are very professional, thorough and patient - especially as they are relatively new to Agricultural planning. The teams fresh perspective and outlook has meant that they appropriately challenged / questioned us as the client as well as the planners - This has resulted in us successfully obtaining permission on a number of occasions thus far (even a few speculative applications)  and they are endeavouring to manage / close out other opportunities for us moving forward.

August 2019 - General purpose & crop storage lean-to - Chelmsford, Essex.  Very happy with the finished job and versatility of the new lean-to.  The flooring and doors guys have done a really good job.  I like the no-nonsense and get on with it approach - Delivered on time and on budget with no concerns/issues whatsoever.

July 2019 - Roller Shutter door supplier - East Anglia.  Our initial meeting with Mark earlier in the year was difficult considering the circumstances.  Mark was still coming to terms with his fathers passing but we were keen to help. Despite some initial teething problems Mark and the team have proved themselves to be very professional and one of our largest customers. We supply and install 50% of Johnstruct's Roller Shutter doors hence we always go the extra mile to maintain an exceptional quality product & service for our largest customer.